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Treat yourself to an pregnancy MOT!

During your pregnancy we recommend a Pre-Natal MOT Check with a Women’s Health physio to guide you to exercise safely during pregnancy, help manage any back, groin or hip pain and help you prepare for birth. This is suitable for women with symptoms as above, or for women who want a check-up with advice and preventative information.

The 60min Pregnancy MOT check includes:

  • Posture, Back and Pelvic Your growing baby changes your centre of gravity which will affect your posture. If you experience with back and pelvic pain or other joints or muscular problems, we will discuss a treatment plan to help manage it.
  • Pelvic Floor Muscle internal assessment. You will be taught how to connect and to correctly strengthen and relax your PFM to be leak-free and prevent other pelvic floor dysfunction.
  • Abdominal Separation Check (Rectus abdominis diastasis) which is common with pregnancy and advice on abdo safe strengthening.
  • Exercise and Fitness advice to stay active throughout your pregnancy with a safe programme of exercises and the modifications needed whether you are an athlete or just starting a routine.
  • Provide information for labour including perineal massage and assisting in creating your birth plan.
  • Discuss a plan of care and treatment options as necessary to feel well and healthy during your journey towards the birth of your baby.

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