You can book a one-off SKI FIT assessment or a multi-part package of a few sessions. The SKI FIT Program will take account of your goals and previous injuries or physical complaints.

SKI FIT Assessment (60 mins) includes

  • Biomechanical assessment
  • General assessment
  • Muscle imbalance testing
  • Flexibility
  • Dynamic Core control
  • Personalised programme and exercises
  • Discussion about the findings and advice
  • Teach you how to help clear the phlegm /mucus and cough
  • Education and Self-Management

SKI FIT package of three sessions or more (45 mins each) includes

Session 1: SKI FIT Assessment includes (redundant?)

  • Biomechanical assessment
  • personalised programme and exercises
  • Advice

Sessions 2

  • Full programme of exercises under supervision and correction
  • Review and modification and discussion of any issues

Session 3

  • Follow up session with the physio with discussion of specific exercises and advice on further preparation

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