Physiotherapy - therapist doing excercises for improving coordination and stability with a patient to recover after injury

At Physio for All, Exercise Prescription is one of our core treatment approaches. Our physiotherapists, body specialists, have advanced knowledge in anatomy, physiology (science of movement), biomechanics and motor learning.

They will target specific and safe exercise programmes for you, from the early stage of healing to getting back to your activities or favourite sport.

Physiotherapy for Safe Exercise Programme

Physiotherapists are experts in advising you when it is safe to exercise, when and how much you can increase weight and loads to your joints and muscles/soft tissues.

After a thorough assessment, we will design a programme specific to your current situation, the stage of your injury as well as your needs and goals.

At physio for All, we strive to promote self-management and to empower the patient through recovery and prevention of future injuries. Improvement is only possible with repetition and adherence to the programme. We also work closely with personal trainers and coaches to achieve the best results and your personal goals.

During your rehabilitation, Exercise Prescription is usually combined with “Hands On” manual therapy or other treatment modalities to ensure best outcome.

When is Exercise Prescription commonly prescribed at Physio for All ?
  • Post surgery rehabilitation
  • Sports injuries rehabilitation
  • Post-natal
  • Back and neck problems
  • Pelvic floor therapy & continence
  • Sport specific performance
  • Children’s motor development
  • General fitness and well-being
The choice of Exercises is targeted to improve:
  • Awareness and muscle activation
  • Mobility and stretching
  • Stability, core strengthening, Pilates
  • Control, strength training and endurance
  • Balance, proprioception and coordination
  • Functional movement and sport specific conditioning
  • Cardio-vascular fitness

If you would like a thorough assessment and specific Exercise programme for your injury, after your surgery or for your general fitness and sporting goals please contact us

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