Skiing injuries

At the end of the programme you will be fitter, more flexible and far better prepared to go skiing or snowboarding and have fun on the slopes!

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You can book a one-off SkiFIT assessment or a multi-part package of a few sessions. The skiFIT Program will take account of your goals and previous injuries or physical complaints. Fees for the skiFIT assessment are shown here.

The SkiFIT Biomechanical Assessment (60 mins) includes :

  • Biomechanical assessment
  • General assessment
  • Muscle imbalance testing
  • Flexibility
  • Dynamic Core control
  • Personalised programme and exercises
  • Discussion about the findings and advice
  • Education and Self-Management

Biomechanical SkiFIT packages at Physio for All

Standard package - Biomechanical SkiFIT Assessment

Standard package

  • 60 minutes Biomechanical Assessment + bespoke SkiFit programme

Silver package - Biomechanical SkiFIT Assessment and a Review session

Silver package

  • 60 minutes Biomechanical Analysis + bespoke SkiFit programme
  • Plus a 45 minutes follow-up session to adapt your SkiFit programme with your progress (within 1 month).

Golden package - SkiFIT

Golden package

  • 60 minutes Biomechanical Analysis + bespoke SkiFit programme followed by
  • 3 x 45min SkiFit sessions (within 3 months)

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