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Trigger Points Dry Needling

Trigger Points Dry Needling is a treatment technique using fine needles inserted into painful knots in muscles to help decrease pain, improve mobility and function. Muscle tension and spasms are common with conditions as muscle strain…

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Every October, Bone and Joint Week promotes awareness about the musculoskeletal health. In the UK several organization including the Institute of Osteopathy have set their priority on improving the prevention of bone and joint problems,…

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mums and babies physiotherapy

Osteopathy for mums-to-be and beyond

Osteopathy can help mums-to-be, new mums and babies before, during and far beyond birth. Benefit of Osteopathy during pregnancy   During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through tremendous changes. The posture adapts with the growing…

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Tennis Elbow physiotherapy

Beware of tennis elbow !

Wimbledon is around the corner so dust off the tennis racquets, but beware of tennis elbow!   Tennis elbow is a painful condition that is characterised by localised pain over the bony prominence on the…

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