Sarah Garraoui P4A Pilates

Physiotherapist MSPT, DPT

Sarah graduated from the USA in 1996 with a Masters of Science degree and returned in 2006 to obtain her Doctorate in Physiotherapy. She has worked mainly in the USA in Musculoskeletal private practice (15 years) and has been practicing in London for several years now. She has a diverse background in the Musculoskeletal area including Knee pain and rotator cuff problems, Paediatrics including Torticollis and Development delay, Orthopaedics, Sports Injuries and Post-Surgical Rehabilitation.

Sarah uses an individual approach to resolve a person’s pain and dysfunction and the underlying cause through manual techniques, patient education and a rehabilitation exercise program. Her goal is to make you an expert in your specific case and how to work together to resolve it and prevent it from repeating again in the future.
In her free time, Sarah enjoys daily life exploring London with her two children and traveling, swimming, skiing, yoga and gardening.

Languages: English and American English