Bayley is a physiotherapist originally from Canada. She completed her Bachelors degree with Honours in Human Kinetics, specialising in Movement Science. She then moved to the UK to complete her Masters in Physiotherapy in London.

Bayley worked within the NHS in a variety of areas such as neurorehab, respiratory, cardiac care, and orthopaedics. She has also worked as an athletic therapist for a number of sporting teams, providing pitch-side therapy and developing exercise programmes for athletes.

From a young age Bayley has been a competitive dancer in a number of different styles, and has also worked as a dance teacher. She enjoys translating this into her practice by using dance principles to teach exercises and posture to patients.

Bayley strives to provide a holistic approach to her patients treatments. Her experience in a wide variety of specialties allows her to tie all these together to provide a thorough rehabilitation plan. Her practice involves a combination of manual therapies, sports and kinesiology taping, and specified exercise programmes tailored to the individual patient.

Outside of work, Bayley enjoys dancing and running. She also loves going on hikes to explore more of the UK scenery.

Languages: English