Why Physio for All ?

  • Over 25 Years of existence
    With over 25 years of experience, Physio for All has built a reputation for clinical excellence and outstanding customer satisfaction. Since 1991, we have been serving the local SW London community; Battersea, Clapham, Chelsea, Kensington and Fulham.
  • Wide range of services
    We offer a wide range of specialist Services: Physiotherapy, a Sports injuries clinic, Osteopathy, Women’s health, Children’s Physiotherapy, Massage, Acupuncture, Pilates and more…
  • Expert team
  • We have carefully built a team of therapists who work together to provide you the best care. All our physiotherapists and osteopaths are specialised in their field which is reflected by their extensive post- graduate qualifications, training and experience. We will match you with the therapist who best fits your needs.
  • Physio FOR ALL
  • As our name implies, we are experienced in treating the whole family and all age groups: new born babies, children, teenagers, adults, seniors and beyond!
  • Holistic Approach
  • We take a holistic approach to treatment in order to take account all of the relevant factors including life style, occupation, sport and leisure activities. We stress self-help and home exercises wherever possible to accelerate the healing process and minimise therapy required. We do not only treat your pain or injuries but look beyond these to prevent recurrence or long term issues.
physio manipulation
  • Dedicated to innovation
  • We are committed to continuing education not only because we are passionate about what we do but also to provide you with the best results and the most advanced treatment options.
    We promote a learning environment for practitioners with regular in-house clinical training, attendance at lectures and clinical courses and literature reviews.
  • Well connected with health care specialists.
  • We work closely with the leading London consultants, GP’s and private doctors as well as coaches and personal trainers
  • Multilingual therapists.

What can you expect ?


We believe in education and empowerment giving you the knowledge about your injury/condition, and how you can help yourself.

We listen carefully

We are a professional, friendly and approachable team who want to assure you feel confident and in safe hands

Rapid and accurate diagnosis

to enable the best treatment of the problem and underlying causes

Comprehensive treatment options

for all ages which might include: Patient education, ‘hands on’ approach with manual and manipulative therapies, exercise prescription, medical acupuncture and dry needling, electrotherapy, taping, strapping and more….


We are dedicated to get the best outcome whatever your injuries and goals. We strive to get you back to optimal function and to what you love to do.

Can we help you ?

You don’t need to be referred by your GP or any doctor to see a physiotherapist or an osteopath.

If you are unsure whether or not we can help your condition or for general enquiries please contact us or drop in for a preliminary discussion with our well trained receptionists or therapists.

We look forward to welcoming you to Physio for All.


Physio for All: 020 7228 2141        info@physio4all.com

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