Physiotherapists employ many therapeutic tools to enable recovery from a wide variety of physical conditions.

Your physiotherapist will choose treatment modalities according to your needs and goals. An initial assessment will help us to analyse your problem and underlying causes. We will then design a treatment plan together.

Physiotherapists and osteopaths are highly trained in manual therapy. Physiotherapists are also highly skilled in treatment approaches such as exercise rehabilitation, biomechanical and postural correction, gait training, and other modalities such as taping, ultrasound and electrotherapy. Physiotherapists may further train in acupuncture, pelvic floor rehabilitation, chest physiotherapy and neurological rehabilitation.

During your session, we will listen to your story, explain to you the diagnosis and what is wrong and not wrong and give you advice to take home. We encourage you to provide us with your feedback to maximise results.

Treatment may include a combination of modalities and techniques such as:

  • PhysioFit Screening & Prevention
  • Strapping, taping and kinesiotaping
  • Ultrasound
  • Electrotherapy and biofeedback
  • Heat and Ice modalities
  • Vestibular re-education
  • Provision of supports, splints and orthotics
  • Patient education and advice
sport and therapeutic massage
Manual joints mobilisation or manipulation
Physiotherapy home visit South West london
physiotherapy and massage for for new-born and baby
Pilates classes
Physiotherapist doing accupuncture
Strapping on a knee injury
post-surgery physiotherapy
ultrasound electrotherapy

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What our patients say

  • Comparing my recovery to unfortunate friends who had a similar ACL and MCL skiing injury, I have had far smoother and faster results , which I believe is fully attributable to the regular, motivational and professional treatment from Physio For Al. Thank you so much!

  • I had some physio sessions both for post-natal perineal rehab after my second child and during my pregnancy when expecting my third child to relief me from back. With each session I felt better. Christine is a lovely practitioner who knows the woman body inside out, truly cares and is the expert. I would 100% recommend her and her practice for any pregnancy post-natal treatment.

  • I’ve been using Physio For All for 17 years, prior to that I’d never used physio. It sorted out issues I’d had for 30 years. All the therapists have been outstanding. I recommend you all the time! Thank you for your excellent and caring service.

  • My Physio has been excellent working with me through a long rehab post-surgery. I am now able to participate in sports at the same level as before injury. This is far surpassing even my own expectations I wholeheartedly recommend Physio For All to anyone who wishes to be able to return to full, normal activity following injury.

  • I had incontinence issues after given birth due to a very weak pelvic floor. Things I could not do anymore including running and I thought that would be the case for the rest of my life. After a couple of months of treatment things have now dramatically improved. Thanks a lot Christine for all your help!

  • I came to the physio to deal with an incredibly sore Achilles that has severely hampered my ability to exercise. After several sessions with Francois I am back to cycling again – running to be taken up again soon too – and pain free. The clinic staff are also lovely and the opening hours are super convenient.

  • I came to Physio For All as I had been here in the past for plantar fasciitis. I would recommend them to a friend as they are very helpful, calm and have your best interest at heart. I felt very happy with my PT session and more relaxed than I was anticipating. The PT was friendly, empathetic and kind, Plus, the price is very good for this service.

  • I have had ongoing back, shoulder and neck pain. My treatment at Physio For All has taught me exercises to strengthen my muscles and relieve pain and I have felt a huge improvement. I think the staff are excellent, experienced, sympathetic and extremely helpful. I have recommended Physio for All to many friends. I now come regularly for a massage to help prevent the build-up of tension.

  • I have always had a tight back and was having regular sessions, but when I had my broken ankle accident through tennis, that’s when Jose at Physio for All became vital to me! I would not have got through the past 3 years without my regular sessions with him! Now I have also had a knee operation, again through tennis, I am in safe hands getting back to the level where I can start tennis again


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