Physiotherapists employ many therapeutic tools to enable recovery from a wide variety of physical conditions.

Your physiotherapist will choose treatment modalities according to your needs and goals. An initial assessment will help us to analyse your problem and underlying causes. We will then design a treatment plan together.

Physiotherapists and osteopaths are highly trained in manual therapy. Physiotherapists are also highly skilled in treatment approaches such as exercise rehabilitation, biomechanical and postural correction, gait training, and other modalities such as taping, ultrasound and electrotherapy.

During your session, we will listen to your story, explain to you the diagnosis and what is wrong and not wrong and give you advice to take home. We encourage you to provide us with your feedback to maximise results.

Treatment may include a combination of modalities and techniques such as:

  • PhysioFit Screening & Prevention
  • Strapping, taping and kinesiotaping
  • Ultrasound
  • Electrotherapy and biofeedback
  • Heat and Ice modalities
  • Vestibular re-education
sport and therapeutic massage
Manual joints mobilisation or manipulation
Physiotherapy home visit South West london
physiotherapy and massage for for new-born and baby
Pilates classes
Physiotherapist doing accupuncture
Strapping on a knee injury
post-surgery physiotherapy
ultrasound electrotherapy

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