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Are you running a marathon? Are you pregnant? Is your back achy? Sport massage, deep tissue and soft tissue massage is an effective therapy to relieve muscle tension, joint stiffness and aches and pain.

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At Physio for All, Sport Massage, Deep tissue massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Pregnancy massage are performed by our physiotherapists or osteopaths so you know you are in safe hands.
Massage can also complement physiotherapy or osteopathy to enhance and facilitate the treatment.
We use different massage techniques depending on your needs and what you want to achieve

  • Sports massage and Deep tissue massage
  • Manual Drainage Lymphatic (MLD)
  • Pregnancy and postnatal massage
  • Cesarian-section scar and surgical scar tissue massage
  • Trigger points and Myofascial release
  • Sports Massage or deep tissue massage

Sports massage is effective to relieve aches and pain, stress and muscle tension.  This therapeutic massage is not restricted to sports people.

You can benefit from it whether you have sustained an injury or surgery, to prepare and recover from a sports event as marathon, to reduce spasm and cramping, to prevent injuries or just when you are tired and need to relax.

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage       

Manual Lymphatic Drainage or MLD is a very gentle, relaxing massage which uses specific rhythmic, pumping strokes to stimulate the lymphatic flow, decrease oedema and  swelling related to lymph fluid retention and help the system to remove toxins. MLD also increases blood circulation in the veins.

Lymphatic drainage, carried by our specialised physiotherapists,  can help  reduce pain and swelling post injury or surgery, lymphedema post breast reduction or post mastectomy and help congested breast ducts when breastfeeding.  It also speeds up the healing of  wounds and fractures.

  • Pregnancy and Post-natal massage

Pregnancy massage and postnatal massage at Physio for All is performed by our physiotherapists and osteopaths who are trained in women’s health, so you know it will be safe for you and your baby.

Soft tissue massage therapy will help pregnant women and new mothers to release the physical and emotional changes and stresses during their pregnancy and in post-partum. Gentle massage will help to relieve muscle tension, back and pelvic pain, swelling in the legs and help you bond with your baby.

The session will take account of your issues and changing needs throughout your pregnancy.

Women’s health physiotherapists also use specific massage techniques to help heal scar tissue of the Caesarean section and perineal tears.

  • Caesarian-section scar and surgical scar massage

Scar tissue massage will promote the healing and in a longer term, avoid the formation of tissue adhesions and fibrosis in the underlying fascia and organs. It will also help to minimise the scar.

We use specific strokes which depend on the stage of healing of the scar or wound and we will teach you some of the strokes.

pregnant woman suffering lower back pain.
  • Trigger points and Myofascial release?

Trigger point therapy is a form of pressure massage which focuses on releasing specific taut and tender bands within a muscle. This technique is particularly effective for chronic joints pain, headaches and nerve pain. Each muscle has trigger points which can be affected by i.e. tension, overuse, inflammation, muscle imbalance, chronic …  resulting in pain, weakness and muscle imbalance. Trigger points can bring local pain locally and refer pain further in the body.

  • Reiki Therapy

Reiki is a non-invasive energy therapy that strengthens and balances body & mind.

Reiki induces deep relaxation, assists in accelerating the healing process following injury or illness, and may reduce or even eliminate pain. Reiki therapy can also help patients address issues connected with emotional trauma.

During the session, our Reiki master therapist will position his hands in 12 to 15 different positions (either directly on your fully-clothed body or a few inches above) in a sequence similar to that of acupressure. During the treatment, you may experience warmth or cold, tingling, sleepiness, deep relaxation or invigoration, acute sensorial awareness while being in a semi-conscious state.

If you have any questions or would like to book a therapeutic massage, please contact us.

What our patients say

  • Comparing my recovery to unfortunate friends who had a similar ACL and MCL skiing injury, I have had far smoother and faster results , which I believe is fully attributable to the regular, motivational and professional treatment from Physio For Al. Thank you so much!

  • I had some physio sessions both for post-natal perineal rehab after my second child and during my pregnancy when expecting my third child to relief me from back. With each session I felt better. Christine is a lovely practitioner who knows the woman body inside out, truly cares and is the expert. I would 100% recommend her and her practice for any pregnancy post-natal treatment.

  • I’ve been using Physio For All for 17 years, prior to that I’d never used physio. It sorted out issues I’d had for 30 years. All the therapists have been outstanding. I recommend you all the time! Thank you for your excellent and caring service.

  • My Physio has been excellent working with me through a long rehab post-surgery. I am now able to participate in sports at the same level as before injury. This is far surpassing even my own expectations I wholeheartedly recommend Physio For All to anyone who wishes to be able to return to full, normal activity following injury.

  • I had incontinence issues after given birth due to a very weak pelvic floor. Things I could not do anymore including running and I thought that would be the case for the rest of my life. After a couple of months of treatment things have now dramatically improved. Thanks a lot Christine for all your help!

  • I came to the physio to deal with an incredibly sore Achilles that has severely hampered my ability to exercise. After several sessions with Francois I am back to cycling again – running to be taken up again soon too – and pain free. The clinic staff are also lovely and the opening hours are super convenient.

  • I came to Physio For All as I had been here in the past for plantar fasciitis. I would recommend them to a friend as they are very helpful, calm and have your best interest at heart. I felt very happy with my PT session and more relaxed than I was anticipating. The PT was friendly, empathetic and kind, Plus, the price is very good for this service.

  • I have had ongoing back, shoulder and neck pain. My treatment at Physio For All has taught me exercises to strengthen my muscles and relieve pain and I have felt a huge improvement. I think the staff are excellent, experienced, sympathetic and extremely helpful. I have recommended Physio for All to many friends. I now come regularly for a massage to help prevent the build-up of tension.

  • I have always had a tight back and was having regular sessions, but when I had my broken ankle accident through tennis, that’s when Jose at Physio for All became vital to me! I would not have got through the past 3 years without my regular sessions with him! Now I have also had a knee operation, again through tennis, I am in safe hands getting back to the level where I can start tennis again


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