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At Physio for All, we offer matwork Pilates and Clinical Pilates classes in small groups or individual 1:1 so you can be assured to get personal attention. Our instructors and physiotherapists will monitor each exercise to make sure that they are done correctly, are adapted to your specific needs and avoid injuries.

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Pilates & Clinical Pilates classes

Pilates is a form of exercise which aims to strengthen core postural muscles, build lean muscles, improve flexibility and muscle balance control with the emphasis on using correct body alignment. It links movement with breathing, helping to integrate mind and body.

Pilates is a very effective type of exercise on its own and to compliment your Physiotherapy and Osteopathy treatments. It is excellent for the rehabilitation of injuries, for back pain, chronic pain and improving postural problems.

Pilates at Physio for All Key points:

  • Small classes or individual 1:1
  • Full attention
  • Held at our Battersea practice
  • Over 15 years providing Pilates in Battersea/Clapham
  • Experienced Pilates instructors and Clinical Pilates Physiotherapists
  • Pregnancy and Postnatal Pilates

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates are conducted by our trained physiotherapists with postgraduate training in clinical Pilates. After a thorough physiotherapy assessment, an individualised programme will be designed to target your specific issues and goals. We will focus on the underlying causes of your problem to correct postural problems and movement dysfunction. The physio will choose and modify Pilates exercises according to your needs.

At Physio for All, we provide individual one-to-one or small Clinical Pilates sessions. Exercises are performed on mats and we use gym balls and small resistance equipment so you can continue your exercise programme at home.

Safe and highly effective, Clinical Pilates benefits:

  • Rehabilitation post injuries and post surgeries
  • Pregnant and postnatal
  • Back pain and pelvic pain
  • Sports performance: training for marathon, skiing…
  • Osteoporosis with low impact, joint-friendly resistance exercise
  • Prevention of injury

You can get started with an initial private assessment which lasts 45 minutes. During this physiotherapy session, we will discuss your medical and injury history and specific physical needs. We will then assess your flexibility, posture and movement pattern and identify the underlying causes of your pain or symptoms.

With a prescribed Clinical Pilates programme, you will have the choice of 30min or 45min sessions.

Pregnancy and Post Natal Pilates

Physio4all is well known for its clinical expertise in women’s health. Our prenatal and postnatal Pilates are taught by physiotherapists with specific interest and experience in obstetrics so you can be ensured of a safe approach at any stage. Your supervised exercise programme will be designed for your specific issues, help your body during your pregnancy and to recover after the birth of your baby.

  • Our Antenatal classes focus on breathing, flexibility, posture, pelvic floor and core abdominal exercise and relaxation.

-Prenatal Pilates and exercise programme are beneficial to

-Help your body to adapt during the different stages of pregnancy

-If you suffer from back pain, hip and pelvic girdle pain (PGP)

-To stay fit and prepare for birth in an optimal condition

childrens sports injuries
  • Our Postnatal classes focus on pelvic floor activation and training, abdominals strengthening, abdominal separation rehabilitation, global strength and core to help you get back into shape, fitness and safely prepare your return to sport and activities. The class will be complemented with healthy advice on your new journey with a baby: breastfeeding, carrying, back care…
pilates for postnatal classes

Held by physiotherapists trained in women’s health, you can be sure you are in safe, expert hands especially with:

-difficult and traumatic birth, caesarean-section

-pelvic floor issues such as perineal tears

-abdominal separation or DRAM

-incontinence or a prolapse

We recommend to all mothers our MOT Postnatal health Check, a comprehensive abdominal and pelvic floor assessment to prevent long term childbirth problems and optimise recovery.

For uncomplicated birth, you can start our postnatal classes as soon as you feel ready.

Babies are always welcome so you don’t need to worry about child care. Please bring their pushchair.


Pilates are held by our certified Pilates instructors. Ex-Dancers, they have trained with the well-known world’s expert Alan Herdman and some of our instructors are teaching with Alan. You are under the care of experts in Pilates.

Our mat Pilates classes held at our Battersea-Clapham practice run for one hour. We will never have more than eight in a class and the emphasis is still put on personal attention.

Pilates group classes are held during Wandsworth council school term time. The sessions are booked as a block and paid for in advance at the beginning of each term.

General pilates infos

  • What to bring? Mats will be provided, but please bring a towel, a pair of socks and if you wish a bottle of water.
  • Prior to starting, you will fill in a questionnaire to ensure that you do not present contra-indications and that Pilates is safe for you. If you have any concerns, please consult your doctor.

Pilates classes are extremely popular and book up very quickly.

Please call Physio for All Battersea for advice and details on our Pilates, clinical Pilates, ante and postnatal classes and to ask about availability.

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